About Us

Branch & Vine is a small, family-owned company is a genuine hidden gem founded by just two owners, Ray Brown and Kalie Nguyen with the help of our two moms. We understand the significance of having the freshest, highest quality ingredients to create a final product that is truly extraordinary.
Over the course of the years, we have created and curated a symphony of flavors coming from several sources. We thoroughly enjoy sharing our knowledge of all of the infused flavors we offer, from infused Olive oils sourced from Napa Valley, CA to our premium barrel aged Balsamic from Modena, Italy. With over 36 flavors of Olive Oils and Balsamic vinegar, 7 salt infusions, several 100% honey blossom flavors and 25 loose-leaf teas, flavor options will always be plentiful in your kitchen.  
As soon as that first flavor hits you, you know it is something special.  Our friendly staff make recommendations based on each individual customers palate and preferences, types of food they will be preparing and how Olive oil, Balsamic vinegar and Infused Sea salts work complementary to each other to make something magical! 

When you take part in this experience, you’ll know that these flavors will elevate your cooking to a different level.  

When you visit a Branch & Vine booth at one of our farmers markets, festivals or fairs, prepare yourself for more than just purchasing a delicious product; prepare yourself for an exceptional EXPERIENCE!